Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Assignment from Class #12-Dec 6

1. Do class quick check.

2. Do your class takeways on your google doc.

3. Read the post Go Glog it! and respond.

4. Read post Wiki Walk Through and respond.

Options for final class I explained the class was scheduled to run through Jan 10 because I folded in extra time in case conflicts came up, however, we didn't end up having any snow days, etc. Please read the 3 options below and vote in the class poll on the right side of the blog with your preferred choice. I'm allowing people to vote more than once if you want to vote for your top 2 choices.

Option 1- Meet for last class on Dec 20. Project summaries would be presented at end of class. Paper would be due Jan 3. No class on Jan 3.

Option 2 - Meet for last formal class Dec 20-class reflection paper would be due Jan 3 and we would meet for an hour or less on Jan 3 to present project summaries in class.

Option 3- No class Dec 20. Meet for last formal class on Jan 3. Project summaries would be presented at end of class. Reflection paper would be due Jan 10.


Lori said...

sorry I missed class and don't know what all the project summaries would include. Is it a verbal or written summary?

anearlgirl said...

The project summary that would be due at the end of class is just you showing the class and talking about whatever you chose as your class project. 5-7 minutes...this is what the project is...this is why I chose it...these are the things that worked or didn't work...this is how I would change it next time around...etc.

Lori said...

Ok ...thanks, I can vote now :)