Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Assignment from Class #13- Dec 13

1. Do class quick check
2. Do class takeaways on google doc
3. Read Mirror, Mirror post. (no response needed)
4. Read Survey Says post and watch screencast.(no response needed)
5. Read OoooooAhhhh vs. AhhhhHaaaaa post and respond.

PS I posted the blog and wiki powerpoints in our web 2.0 shared folder in google docs.

Keep forgetting to show you this too...found a common core widget for the english and math teachers you could put on your blog or website. So easy to use.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you in 2012!

Take the quiz

Ooooo-Ahhhhh vs. AhhhhhHaaaaaa

Read this blog post by Jen Wagner on the Tech & Learning website. She is coming at this as a person that teaches teachers rather than a classroom teacher teaching students...but the same premise holds true. I believe this is what naturally happens when we put the focus on the tool vs. on the student learning. Make sure you read the comments people left...there is some good stuff to chew on there (particularly the one from Michele Weiss-Glaza...I'm guessing many of you felt the same way when you walked into this class).  Remember, most often, the learning comes in the commentary...when people share their thoughts...agree...disagree...see a new perspective, etc.

What are your thoughts?
How have you seen this Oooooo-Ahhhh phenomenon play out in your school?
What is one “tool” that you see getting lost in the Oooo-Ahhh and how are you using it (or how would you like to use it) within your classroom (or school) as an Ahhh-Haaa?

Survey Says...

We are going to spend some time in the last class using Google docs to create surveys and quizzes that you can create and share. They can be as simple as our class quick check survey or much more comprehensive depending on your purpose. In preparation I'd like you to watch this 10 minute screencast which will help familiarize you with the process that we'll be practicing in class. Watching it once through here will make it easier to wrap your head around it during class.

Click here to go to the screencast so you can watch it in a full size window.

Help with formulas for self-checking quizzes


So our last class will be Tuesday, Jan. 3. The last 45 minutes of class we will do the project presentations. Plan to spend 5 minutes or so explaining your project, why you chose it, what you're going to do, and show an example or sample. If you need something from your computer, put it on the network or a flash drive so you can use my computer connected to the projector. If it's web based make sure you know the URL so you can get there from my computer or copy the URL in our shared google docs folder so you can just click and go.

Your reflection paper will be due Jan 10 by 3 pm. You are also free to send to me anytime prior to that. You can write the paper in Word then attach it via email. I will make electronic comments then send it back to you. If you have any questions about the project or paper, let me know. Remember to use the rubric and guiding questions located in the our web 2.0 google docs shared folder.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Assignment from Class #12-Dec 6

1. Do class quick check.

2. Do your class takeways on your google doc.

3. Read the post Go Glog it! and respond.

4. Read post Wiki Walk Through and respond.

Options for final class I explained the class was scheduled to run through Jan 10 because I folded in extra time in case conflicts came up, however, we didn't end up having any snow days, etc. Please read the 3 options below and vote in the class poll on the right side of the blog with your preferred choice. I'm allowing people to vote more than once if you want to vote for your top 2 choices.

Option 1- Meet for last class on Dec 20. Project summaries would be presented at end of class. Paper would be due Jan 3. No class on Jan 3.

Option 2 - Meet for last formal class Dec 20-class reflection paper would be due Jan 3 and we would meet for an hour or less on Jan 3 to present project summaries in class.

Option 3- No class Dec 20. Meet for last formal class on Jan 3. Project summaries would be presented at end of class. Reflection paper would be due Jan 10.

Wiki Walk Through

Learn more about wikis by going through this Wiki Walkthrough.
Hover over each question with  your mouse within the blue bordered box... Basics, What is a wiki?, Who uses a wiki?, wiki vs. blog to read the text..then click the right arrow at the bottom of the bordered box to move to the next screen where you roll over the next set of questions...How to use a wiki, choose a subject to look at, then read the the right arrow again to move to the next page, and continue until you come to the end of the walk through.

What are your thoughts about wikis? Did you learn anything new or interesting about wikis?